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Various and Sundry

We talk Graham, Gill, Trump-hands, O’Keefe, ID, the DC to Concord Corruption Corridor, Ovide endorses Ayotte, man-bear-pig, GOP intimidation, and did you notice that Ted Cruz is in second place?

Railing Away…

The NH Heroin Train from Marxachusetts, Commuter Fail, Trump vs. Kelly, and Hobby News vs. the real deal.  

Between A Trump and a Hard Place

We talk Trumpmentum, Trump-tactics, third party, political cults-of-personality, Establishment games, and observing who tolerates what in a sometimes almost progressive-like battle for a Republican nominee.  

January 16th, 2016

In a GrokTALK! Exclusive Jorge Mesa-Tejada explains what really went down at that Hampstead committee meeting as opposed to what the NH media has been misreporting. Kevin Kervick is back in NH to discuss Campus culture, Students for Common Sense, and Campus carry. And Doug Sachletben (Club for Growth) joins us to talk about the …

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Wayne Allyn Root

Libertarian author, speaker, and former vice presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root talks to us about Obama and Columbia University, Donald Trump’s disruptive effect on the election, what happened with Scott Walker, and why you always want to be on offense.