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Pointless Passion for a Porn Star

Ever since the last presidential election, Democrats have obsessed over the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. For months, they’ve pontificated about some international conspiracy and its damage to our election process. Now that it’s becoming increasingly clear that such a conspiracy never existed, they’ve shifted their attention to President Trump’s character. In …

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Remember when Obama assured us that Russia had promised that Syria’s chemical weapons were no more? They weren’t. Assad used them on his own people. Collusion! (That’s a Russsssia Joke, get it?) But Syriaously, folks. Chemical weapons in Syria were this big deal. Chemical Weapons everywhere are a big deal but mostly in places where leaders-for-life …

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A “Staff” Infection in Trump’s White House?

Mike Rogers joins me as we discuss Trump’s Cabinet, the glorious Twitter end around, why it is better to Repeal and Don’t Replace, the risk of a ‘Staff’ infection in Trump’s White House, and we wonder what will become of the Tsars?  

What Trump And Reagan Have in Common

Dr. Matt Briggs (PhD. is statistics) and I discuss how the press treated Reagan in 1980 and how it may have affected polling before that election, then compare that to the press impact on potential Trump voters and polling in 2016.    

Podcast #161

A slightly shorter show this week but no shortage of great content. Skip Murphy and I talk about a culture that goes after Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), and Dr. Matt Briggs joins me to talk polling and similarities between Trump in 2016 and Reagan in 1980.  

Goldwater and Trump

Mike Rogers joins me to discuss similarities between the Establishment’s treatment of Trump and Goldwater. We also look at chatter over state-level races in New Hampshire.

On Matters of Temperament

We submit another account into evidence regarding Hillary’s temperament. We also ask why Republican candidates are responsible for everything Trump says but Democrats skate on all of Hillary’s dirty deeds, the lying, ruining other nations, the lackadaisical handling of national secrets, and the trail of dead bodies. Then it’s on to some local liars who …

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DNC Platform Committee Burns Bernie

We start with what the DNC left out of their platform, talk about alphabet agency gun-buys, the GOP, Convention shenanigans, Trump and more…