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Paving the Way: Judges, Children, and Gender

Could the state take a child away from a parent who does not want the child to receive cross-sex hormones and amputation of healthy body parts? An Ohio court has told us the answer: yes. When transgender identity is treated as a non-elective medical procedure, that’s where the child welfare and legal systems inevitably lead.

How Windham’s Transgender Policy Violates Your Rights

Skip Murphy explains how the Windham School Board’s new transgender bathroom policy includes language that could infringe on first amendment rights by compelling speech with threats of disciplinary action and how he is trying to pry more details from the board. Visit the original post for more ways to listen.

GrokTALK! May 21st, 2016

We welcome Dr. Michael Brown to the program to talk about LGBT politics, the Transgender bathroom edict, and the course of cultural politics in the waning days of the Obama years. Before that,guest host Aaron Day, and backup guest host/guest Dan Hynes talk upcoming November races,Aaron’s third-party US Senate bid, and Dan’s run for the …

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Transgender Bathrooms Revisited

We continue our discussion from the first segment on the Obama letter to public schools (on Transgender Bathrooms) with N.C. Lt. Gov. Forest’s remarks, and our take on the debate.    

Is There Any Such Thing As A Transgender Autopsy?

So imagine if you will, a body fished from a river. The deceased is sent to the Medical Examiner, who performs an autopsy. We have a white male, …oh! Problem. What if they aren’t really…”male?” We can’t possibly know what the gender of the deceased was at the time of death.