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The Wall

Border Wall

What’s ‘immoral’ about caring for America’s poor first?

By Betsy McCaughey Congressional Dems are butting heads with President Trump over his demand for ­$5 billion to continue building a wall along the southern border. Likely incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vows she won’t spend one dollar for a wall and calls the idea “immoral.” Not building the wall is what’s truly immoral.

Did Trump Just Get Mexico to Pay for ‘The Wall’?

Donald Trump’s recent trade reform with Mexico scraps NAFTA and replaces with it something much more beneficial to the United States. It does a lot to level the playing field and while the Unions want to see the final language before they sing its praises initial rumors suggest they are pleased. The trade reforms will be …

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Omnibus in Spiritus Sanctum

(Restored) Mike Rogers joins me to discuss how Mr. Trump might be able to use the Omnibus as written to build his wall, and whether he can or will just give large sums he has no intention of spending back to the treasury – and whether Congress can do anything about that. This program has been reposted after …

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