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GrokTALK! – The Compilation Podcast: Week Ending 2-24-2018

This week’s special guest is Phil Kerpen form American commitment. We also have interviews on a Transbathroom policy in a local school district, municipal malfeasance, gun grabbing gun grabbers, and an excellent synopsis of the entire Moooueller investigation (so far). You can also listen from the original blog post page here.

Tax Reform: A Triple Victory for the American People.

Phil Kerpen from American Commitment joins me to explain why he believes the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law is a triple victory for the American people.   You can also listen in from the orginal blog post page here.

This is inspiring….

If you liked what the video above had to say, but have doubts about “sales tax vs. flat tax,” you may want to watch THIS VIDEO discussing the two, by Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute. FYI.