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It’s The Christian Thing To Do.

First and foremost, by advocating for the remedy of social ills by statutory action Bishop Robinson immediately contradicts his own moral objection. The only way for the state to attempt care for any class of persons under any set of circumstances–moral or otherwise–is to use the force of law, under threat of punishment, to extract the necessary income from whomever it chooses. (A sacrifice perpetrated on the weak by the strong–under force of temporal law–is not also social abuse?)

“Ignorant bullies with badges.”

Vicious ignorant bullies with badges. Every government employee in this mess who abused his power should be fired, and never allowed to hold any government job again. It appears that some of them should go to jail too. h/t to Instapundit.

Breaking The Addiction To Government

So is John Lynch’s ‘recovery’ built on a foundation of one time money from Washington to expand the role of government? That would be a yes. The Norelli/Larsen/Lynch combine took the company credit card, bought a bunch of goods and services from themselves in the form of more government, and are now left with more mouths to feed and a huge recurring annual bill for which there is no revenue.

It’s Christmas in America….

…and here’s a fitting rebuke to all those who worship government and the power of the State while striving to stamp out Christmas and Christ from the public sphere. Merry Christmas to you all!  —Tim Condon

It’s Us Versus Them….

From Mark Steyn’s excellent blog: "The other day The Washington Post previewed one aspect of this Saturday’s Jon Stewart rally – a march by government workers: Organizers of the ‘Government Doesn’t Suck March’ (their choice of words, not ours) were inspired in part by last week’s Washington Post poll that revealed widespread negative perceptions of federal workers. …

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