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Tuesday’s Special Election in Manchester – Bill O’Neil, the “Jackie Cilley” Democrat

Turn out is all the Republicans need to win in Machester Ward 2 (Hills-9).  It is a special election.  GOP voters just need to show up in adequate numbers.  I’d like to try and motivate you if I can. IBEW 2320 local union President Bill O’Neil, the Democrat in this New Hampshire House race, claims …

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Special Election In Manchester on Tuesday

SPECIAL ELECTION in Manchester on Tuesday. There will be a phone bank in Concord at the NHGOP office starting at 10am. Please consider helping between committee meetings or when you finish in the afternoon. http://www.facebook.com/events/478884175499411/ If you are driving through Manchester, we could use help at the polls. There will be hot beverages and plenty …

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Manchester Ward 2 Special Election

Help send a Republican to the NH State house. Hillsborough 9 (Manchester Ward 2) Special Election is Tues 3/19….and Win Hutchinson needs YOUR help to WIN! Door to Door this Saturday…starting at 10am and again at 1pm. Free Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner for volunteers to follow. http://www.facebook.com/events/425858194168111/ Election Day Activities on Tuesday: Poll Standing …

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Where’s Our Cheese?

…have New Hampshire’s low tax, local government, just leave me alone voters decided that a tax and spend, intrusive big government guy like Perry is the new (old) direction they want to pursue?

Meet Bob “Bathroom Bill” Perry (Reprise)

So if you’re interested in more unaccountable government, a debt spending state legislature, balloon bills, regulatory restrictions that scare off jobs, late night taxes passed without one single hearing, and an endless string …half-witted, poorly thought out mandates like the one that could have turned every ladies locker-room or public bathroom into a drive thru for every drunk guy, horny adolescent, or sex offender who has suddenly felt the need to get in touch with their feminine side (or your wives or daughters), then you want Bob Perry.

Rockingham 14 Has RINO Written All Over It

Mr. Janvrin’s candidate blurb, the beauty queen contestant equivalent of “If I am lucky enough to win the pageant this is what I’d like to do” remarks, (w)hile… intentionally ‘generic’ … do little to suggest he has been advised by anyone outside the union-left wing cabal. They are full of social justice pap, with little obvious difference from that of his democrat opponent.

Honey Puterbaugh for State Rep

Honey is a solid small government candidate who will do her best to keep the state off your back and out of your face. She will support realistic revenue projections, budgets that address real world needs instead of ideological wants. And as a homeschooler, she supports real choice in education.