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Another Plague On Marriage (and the culture..?)

Pornography is an addiction. The pleasure derived from it is neurochemical, no different than any other pharmaceutical high. Men are particularly susceptible. And the culture continues to shift towards a society where porn is like aspirin. Cheap, readily available, and an acceptable daily supplement for whatever ails you. But it is no less destructive to the consumer (I’m not addressing the affects inside the industry here) than any of the other declining cultural ‘advances’ of the past few decades.

The Shower Muse Asks An Important Question About the Left Wing

Inspiration comes in strange places. Dots connect, ideas coalesce, thoughts combine. These kinds of events are most common for me in circumstances where it is almost impossible to write them down. I often get revelations driving and have to pull over to write them down. But the other morning it was in the shower.

Should Your Public School Be Teaching Sexual Intimacy?

Diane Schneider fired the money-shot heard ’round the world when she asked how we can teach sex education (in public schools) without terms such as orgasm, oral sex and masturbation. That quote got plenty of ink, if for no other reason than that copy writers and editors are always looking for ways to sneak the words “oral sex” and ‘orgasm’ into their copy. (Like I just did there–twice)