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The Congresswoman From EMILY’s List

I guess when Carol Shea-Porter took office she swore to defend her special interest donors before the constitution and the people. That’s how she’s legislated. That’s how she’s voted. That’s who she is.

Score another for the 2nd Amendment…

In true Constitutional form, Nottingham, NH passed an ordinance, allowing Town employees to wear their sidearm to work, and on Town property, where legally permitted (for citizens). Some residents are expressing safety and liability concerns, yet Police officers can already wear their sidearm into the building/property. I suggest that the Town offer a safety course, given by …

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“Bork!” Kagen

Republicans need to take the advice of democrats, and “Bork” Elena Kagen.  That’s what they would do. They’d ignore anything even remotely moderate, turn a giant lens on everything else, and burn a hole in her soul.  They would fashion a narrative, go on television, phone, write, blog, call, march, and shout until veins popped …

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McDonald v City of Chicago

  For those interested in this case a friend from Illinois directed me to a link loaded with details.  I did not have time to spend browsing but it includes briefs, and the history of the case so far.  If you want to learn more this is the place to go.

Why Liberals Really Hate Arizona

The left’s spleen venting on Arizona’s new law regarding illegal immigration makes perfect sense. Arizona, a sovereign state of the union, has for years (decades) left most of the problems associated with a porous border in the hands of the federal government.  Some of those problems included drug trafficking, people trafficking, and other criminal activates. From …

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Weapons Ban Stands

NH House Bill 1693 was killed in the House yesterday by a vote of 191 to 167 almost entirely on party lines.  (Roll Call) Four Republicans voted with the majority of democrats that the measure was Inexpedient to legislate; DiFruscia, Messier, Pilliod, Vallincourt.  Ten democrats voted with the Republicans in their effort to move it forward.  So the …

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