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We now live at a time when government seems to be taking its liberties by parsing our constitutional protections where the overarching concept of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Despite the numerous legal challenges mounted in ECPA cases, the government fights hard to keep this ability. For that, I am lost on how our constitution continues to restrain what seems to be a slow and steady march toward arbitrary and oppressive governance.

How About We Name It After Justice Souter?

Justice David Souter secured his place in history when he voted to allow New London Connecticut to take private property and give to a private entity. This fundamental abuse of property rights, as offensive as it was, could only be compounded when the seized property was never even developed. People were forcibly removed from their homes, kicked off their land, and for what? How about The Justice David Souter Memorial….Dump.

Do Democrats Now Love The Chamber Of Commerce?

Remember when the Chamber of Commerce (C of C) was the lefts whipping boy? They were evil capitalists using money from “outside the country” to affect their selfish policy agenda- So what do those same leftists have to say about that same Chamber of Commerce (presumably with the same funding) leading the charge to prevent the enforcement of e-verify?

Elena Kagan – US Senator from NH Judd Gregg’s enduring legacy to the Constitution

He voted. For her.  Today. Judd Gregg: "During this process, Ms. Kagan has pledged that she will exercise judicial restraint and decide each case that comes before her based on the law, with objectivity and without regard to her personal views. She also has served the American people under two different administrations and has a …

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“Bork!” Kagen

Republicans need to take the advice of democrats, and “Bork” Elena Kagen.  That’s what they would do. They’d ignore anything even remotely moderate, turn a giant lens on everything else, and burn a hole in her soul.  They would fashion a narrative, go on television, phone, write, blog, call, march, and shout until veins popped …

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Want To Buy A Bridge?

Some liberal talking heads are already toeing the narrative that Elena Kagan is a little bit conservative.  That she could (possibly) shift the court to the right.  Really?  Hardly. This narrative is deployed to impress upon the disinterested, distracted, or dumbfounded that any opposition by the right to her nomination is evidence of just how right wing …

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