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The Undefeated Teaser Trailer from Dain Valverde on Vimeo.

Palin v. Elites

There are plenty of Republicans and Independents out there who have either gotten lazy and simply adopted the lefts narrative on Palin or who are actual snobby-right-wing elites protecting the moderate Republican power base. I’ve not much of a stomach for either. So if you feel like tossing out some of that left wing elitist narrative just be prepared to back it up.

Got Civility? The “Beheading Sarah Palin” Edition

The civility narrative that preceded the Missoula Massacre was unleashed like some plague spread via-twitter from beneath the White House and was echoed from the President and all progressive points beneath, a call for civility made more often than an obsessive compulsive aunt checks the locks on the doors and windows before bedtime.

Palin Bashing

In his letter he first congratulates the Republicans on their victory (a very gracious set up), commends the Republicans for selecting the moderate train wreck John McCain in the past two presidential primaries,(even though it was the moderate/independents that swung those victories) and then proceeds to embark on a Palin bashing screed.

An Open Letter to Republican Freshmen Members of Congress

(Sarah Palin’s open letter to the newest members of the 112th congress) Welcome to all Republican Freshmen and congratulations! Congratulations to all of you for your contribution to this historic election, and for the contributions I am certain you will make to our country in the next two years. Your victory was hard fought, and …

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Horrigan Resigns

Just about everyone who would read this probably already knows this–Tim Horrigan has resigned after posting comments about Sarah Palin on facebook in response to the discussion about Keith Halloran’s "death wish" comments.   And while the resignation is probably appropriate, the situation surrounding it has it’s own bits of intrigue. First, the comment that got …

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Hodes Found Someone…

…he thinks he might be able to beat in the New Hampshire Senate race.  Lord knows he can’t beat anyone actually running.  She polls better than he does, but she’s not from New Hampshire, so that improves his odds a little bit.   That’s right, Paul Hodes is now apparently running for the Senate….against Sarah Palin. …

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Does Palin Still Owe McCain?

I have to wonder if Mrs. Palin Still feels an obligation to John McCain, and if it’s going to be a problem for her conservative supporters in the future.  NRO’s "The Corner" grabbed a message of Sarah’s facebook page in which she endorses Carly Fiorina for the California Republican Primary to challenge Senator Barbara Boxer.  Carly has …

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