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Reagan Republican?

Sean Mahoney has a serious integrity problem.  He’s got this idea in his head that he can call himself a Reagan Republican. "You know I first came to this party under Ronald Reagan." Sean might have a hard time selling himself as a politically active teenager "to come to the party with Reagan" because unless …

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It’s All About What They Want

Erik Erickson offers up an interesting article on pursuing a constitutional convention, (here) but what caught my attention was the Rasmussen figuers on the differences in perception between the Hodesheaporters of the world and the rest of us.   Consider the Rasmussen surveys of late: 86% of voters believe there should b “limits on what …

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The RINO Bonnie Newman

She (Bonnie Newman) supports John Lynch which means she stands for abortion, debt, deficits, bonding, taxes without hearings, gay marriage, broad based shadow taxes, left wing special interests, she’s against parent’s rights, won’t defend free speech, encourages irresponsible revenue projections to hide out of control spending, and backs the partisan hypocrisy on influence from out of state money.

Joe Citizen

Maybe you’ve gotten an invitation from Joe Citizen on facebook.  Maybe you are enticed by the idea of re-invigorating citizenship in New Hampshire.  And maybe, just maybe, you didn’t know that the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) is a product of Left wing environmental activist, and Obama supporter Gary Hirschberg and his buddies. Now …

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Republicans For Obama

  Back in November 2007 Obama For America published a press release listing 68 New Hampshire Republicans who had publicly announced their support for Obama.  One signatory was quoted thusly… “Barack Obama is the only candidate who will be able to break the partisan logjam and inspire Americans to come together around real solutions.” This of …

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Bass Finder

 A recent ‘Monitor Staff’ editorial takes the occasion of the Charlie Bass candidacy to take a pot shot at the Tea party movement while asking who Charlie Bass really is?  We know who he is.  He’s a Blue Dog Republican.  But the Monitor needs to fill column inches so they manage to infer through implied …

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Who Do You Trust?

CACR 26 would have allowed you to vote on whether to amend the NH Constitution.  The change would have prohibited the legislature from passing laws to creat broadbased sales or income taxes, or taxes on capital gains. The bill came out of committee as inexpedient to legislate, and the House voted to ITL it by …

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