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Jilted RINO Seeks Revenge

Longtime RINO and progressive sympathizer Cynthia Dokmo lost her primary.  She didn’t take it well.  Now she is pulling a Murkowski–sort of–waging a write in campaign to undo the injustice thrust upon her by primary voters. Certainly it must have been a mistake.  In all of her district there has to be one or two …

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Judd Gregg’s Legacy

In regard to Obama Care…   “I don’t think starving or repealing is the best approach here. You basically go in and restructure it.”   Cue the Duck Boats.  Gregg’s legacy just set sail.

Meet RINOJOEL Maiola [updated]

Whatever credibility Joel Maiola may have had with actual Republicans should be dead now.  In this mornings Union Leader we are treated to RINOJOEL’s TM treatise on the Greatness that would be John Lynch (were greatness even a possibility). When the recession hit, Lynch acted quickly and aggressively to cut state spending. He kept New …

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It’s Time For These “Republicans” To Come Out Of The Closet

Every election year the RINO’s do us a favor by announcing themselves as the Republican’s for Lynch.  They have done so again, and we are presented with another unique opportunity to demonstrate the need to clarify an important distinction. Lynch favors abortion, is against parental notification, supports gay marriage, likes to spend taxpayer money, enjoys …

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The NRSC Needs To Be Spanked Around Some More

The National RINO Senatorial Committee (NRSC) seems poised to deny the peoples choice in Delaware any of their precious treasure. Too bad some of that treasure comes from regular republicans like the people who selected Christine O’Donnell as their candidate for November.

Bass Linked To Soros?

You can follow the links, do all the reading, and come to your own conclusions, but anyone who has seen the C-Bass voting record knows he is closor to Soros than anyone else running for the Republican nomination in CD-2.

Duh-Fruscia 2.0

Someone was kind enough to send me a sliver of NH House Rep Tony DiFrusica’s (R-INO) voting record–that part that makes his desperate clinging to the Republican party untenable. -Voted for HCR2   Endorsing the National Health Care Act  (Voted to endorse ObamaCare!)   -Voted for same-sex marriage (HB1590 & HB73)   -Voted against parental consent …

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