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Rich Girard

Respecting the People who Pay The Bills

Rich Girard is running for a seat on the Manchester School Board. We talk about transparency and right to know, partnering with parents, respecting the people who pay the bills, and campaigning in the age of social media.  

Most Education Dollars go to Adults and not Children

We continue with School Board candidate Rich Girard on budgets, spending, direct to indirect labor costs, and how most of the tax-dollars in a given school budget are spent on the adults and not on the children.  

Why Aren’t The Public and the School Board in The Loop?

ICYMI – Part two of our interview with Rich Girard, who is running for the Manchester Board of School committee. We talk about how good education policy only comes from ensuring that parents and school boards are not just involved but informed so they can be educated participants in the process.  

Rich Girard -School Board Transparency

Humble host Rich Girard comes out from behind his microphone to get behind ours as we discuss Education issues, transparency from administrators and school boards, and his upcoming election for a seat on the Manchester Board of School Committee  

GrokTALK! – September 12th, 2015

We are joined by Canadian Health Care refugee Shona Holmes, talk show host Rich Girard , and Max Abramson gives us a primer on bills up for a veto override vote this week in the NH legislature.