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Ray Buckley

NOM de Guerre

If Ray is really all that worried about out of state money [Lynch-Lied Ads from the national organization for Marriage (NOM)] he can start with his own candidates.  Carol Shea-Porter gets a huge chunk of her cash from congressional PACs, national unions, and special interests like Emily’s List, whose only “interest” in her is her …

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What No False Outrage?

Just a few days ago Kathy Sullivan set the standard by which comments of a potentially racist nature must be judged by people associated with those who make them.  She said they…  …should denounce this racist crap immediately,”.. “True patriots don’t countenance racism, and if you don’t denounce it, you are countenancing it. They should …

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Liberal Pride

The New Hampshire Liberal Pride (NHLP)  group lead by Ray Buckley and Kathy Sullivan, sometimes referred to by its front name The New Hampshire Democrat Party-an organization funded by prominent left wing donors from all over the country–have not yet taken to burning giant cardboard tea-cups on peoples lawns but that could begin any day now.  …

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