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Mustache Love

What is up with democrats and their obsession with Hitler. I realize that their style of top-down, command economy, corporate-socialist, nanny-state, we pull the stings and you dance style of governance is frighteningly similar to that of fascist Germany, but do they think people won’t make that connection?

How To Save The World–Vote Out Democrats

The democrats can frame it anyway they like. And they can blame whomever they choose. The only solution they have will result in long term misery. Worse still, with no other economic powerhouse on the Globe inclined toward freedom and philanthropy (becasue we will have been reduced to the status of every other useless secularist socialist democracy) the second and third world nations who have come to rely on us for fiscal support will lose their sugar daddy.

The Liberal Darkness

 On faith, or a lack of, in the enduring order of life.   "Habit and Custom may be the wisdom of unlettered men, but they come from the sound ancient heart of humanity.  Even the wisest of mankind cannot live by reason alone; pure arrogant reason, denying the claims of prejudice (which commonly are also …

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Where You Gonna Run?

Separation of powers was meant to divide the authority so that a process of checks and balances was created to protect the people from abuses of power.  This simple reality makes two things the democrats want you to believe impossible.  

Progressives – trying to replace God (big “G”) with an even bigger “G” Government

From a letter written by Economics (and political philosopher) Professor, Dan Boudreaux (emphasis mine): All income is earned by individuals.  It originates as their property and not that of any government or of some collective ‘us.’  Even if this money is deemed necessary to keep Uncle Sam solvent, remember that this government was created to …

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