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Can Gene Chandler Salvage The Liberal Agenda?

Provocative title, yes?  Well before you complain about it ask yourself a question.  Why does Dean "Bob" Barker, and the leftistas prefer Chandler over O’Brien?  "That the Dems, if unified, can play a role in preventing him [O’Brien]from being House Speaker, is good news. Dean is part and parcel to the entire Buckley/Sullivan progressive fringe …

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A Word From The Chairman Of New Hampshire’s Super Minority Party

Over on Facebook last week the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat party wished we had this law on the books. British Election Overturned Because of "False Statements" The Independent reports that former British immigration minister Phil Woolas "lost his seat as an MP today after an election court ruled that he knowingly made false …

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Playing 52 Pick Up, And Then Some

New Hampshire Election Information ( has the results posted of its 52-pick up page an effort to identify and track the replacement of fifty-two “of the most statist and the most vulnerable legislators in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.”

Clueless…Lou D’Allesandro

        (Pic credit: Robin Ann Peters)                               Homer Lou D’Allesandro on this morning’s WMUR’s "Close Up" Question: What do you think the voters were trying to say with that message they sent on Tuesday?" Answer: I think people are mad and they really don’t know what they are mad about but …

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A View From The Progressive Wilderness?

Seems to me Ray should be accusing the voters of overreach, and that’s probably what he’s doing. But a 75% Majority of State government sends a message about someones agenda, even when that message is delivered to democrats. It’s, what’s the word, a referendum.

From The Strange But True File…

The week before the election they dropped this juicy piece of red-meat ‘governmental control over the internet” pledge and went trolling for last minute signatories. Two happy little socialists you may know signed on; Paul Hodes, and Ann McKluster. They might now be thinking that this wasn’t such a good idea.

The Bonfire Of The Misogynists

Clinton continues to be coveted very likely because of his indiscretions, but more prominently for being the most visible evidence that the democrat party is a cabal of liars because he was impeached for lying–and lying about his casual abuse of women to boot.

OFA – Sanctions Vote Stealing….Because NH Law Allows It.

Note to all Republican’s elected to the the next New Hampshire Legislature.  You need to tighten up voter registration laws. You must get rid of same day registration.  You need to limit voting privileges to actual residents.  There must be a requirement to demonstrate proof of ID and residency to vote.  And you must enforce …

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