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Hillary Clinton Edited Out Of ‘Iconic’ Photo

As a staged piece of populist propaganda, proven to be yet another Obama/Progressive Potemkin village, it validates the patent distrust we all feel towards them and the dishonesty of this political party, its leadership, it’s leader, and its obsessive desire to mislead the people in pursuit of photo-ops to build up a tragically failed and economically destructive presidency doomed to end in 2012.

Follow The Big Blue Bread Crumbs

Democrats are hypocrites. Need more proof, just look to Obama care, and the billions it has handed out to big business, Big Union business in particular Yes, a union is a huge business, one that donates tens of millions to democrats.

Bin Laden is dead & Liberals Are Being…Hypocrites–Surprise!

No one will ever accuse anyone of being Biden’s assassination squad (except perhaps one of his drivers) unless they are simply killing the language, or his own credibility, but it is clear that as ‘Obama’s assassination squad’ it’s now a good idea, great for the nation, and Obama should be elevated for his foresight.

Candidate Obama Bullish on Oil?

The Financial Times reports (free subscription) that the Obama White House is planning to call on oil companies to increase domestic production. In another Obama speech, today, the new plan is expected to focus on Oil, responsible natural gas, and a hot button for the left–when they claim to be in favor of drilling–forcing oil companies to use idle leases.