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House Bill 29: What we have here, is failure to communicate

Upon reading the House Journal Majority report on this Bill, I am reminded of Strother Martin’s line in Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here…is failure to communicate…” House Bill 29, was deemed “Inexpedient to Legislate” this past week for reasons that can be best characterized as, “Bizarre.” The bill was an adjustment to the …

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Testimony or Public Comment?

There were a lot of bills heard this week in Concord…. And there was much public comment that followed… Portions of which were outright lies and confabulation. To support, or not support the legislation at hand….a particular bill. I nearly always refer to any verbal address to committees as public comment, despite others who call …

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The Weare Secret Police

Officers of the Weare Police Department do not like to be video-recorded, audio-recorded or photographed. In fact if recorded, they will arrest those who do without permission.

The “Shrill” Kathy And Her Pen

Kathy Sullivan accuses House Republicans of engaging in hypocrisy and partisanship. I painfully read her boring 800-plus words with unfettered amusement given the "Shrill Cathy’s" finger-pointing and demagoguing. She claims the hiring of Greg Moore by Speaker Bill O’Brien is somehow interwoven with the State Republican Party. She characterizes Moore’s hiring as ripe of a …

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