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World Towers attacked

The Myth of War on Terror

Since the tragic events of 9-11-2001, tens of thousands of books and articles have been written about this enigmatic ideology: Islam. There have been too many definitions by Islamic scholars of exactly what Islam means.

Islamic Trojan Horse

Wake UP America

With the arrivals of massive Muslims to America, our culture and our way of life forever altered. By now, most Americans know that Islam and the US Constitution are incompatible. Then what should be do? We, in the United States of America need to resist Islam’s encouragement while it is still gathering momentum, unless we wish …

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Europe Islamized. Is America Next?

While some people prefer to refer to the violent version of Islam as “political” or “militant” Islam, I refused to accept this characterization. Why? Because I believe it is not “fanatical,” “radical,” or “extreme” Islam that we are fighting, but normal, orthodox, canonical, typical, accepted, traditional Islam, straight from the mouth of Muhammad.

Go ahead, go find one, Steve Smith

Apparently NH State Rep Steve Smith is in a snit over the post I put up yesterday where noted anti-political Islam author, Robert Spencer (and not the white supremacist Richard Spencer) took on some members of the NH GOP Republican Party for being weenies in the face of confrontation and mentioned two by name.

Ignore Islam At Our Peril

There is no shortage of Islamic materials on the market for anyone curious enough to seek the truth for himself. I personally have written hundreds of articles about Islam and the threat it poses to our Constitution. The painstaking task of educating the American public about this threat has not stopped Islam’s advancement in America. …

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ACT for America Event in Nashua Featuring Brigitte Gabriel – Parts 5, 6, and 7

I have been remiss on putting up the videos from Brigitte Gabriel’s appearance in Nashua back on the 15th (she is the Chair of Act for America) – my apologies for getting distracted.  To recap from Part 1: This past Thursday night, GraniteGrok was asked to cover the message given by Brigitte Gabriel, Chair of …

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