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Is competition really that bad? Apparently some think so.

We’ve all heard the stories of children’s sports leagues where there are no winners and losers- a perfect, utopian world where everybody is a winner and everyone gets a trophy. There’s even places, we’re told, where scores are not kept, because determining a "winner" is not as important as everybody having fun. Usually this stuff happens …

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Acknowledging the right way

During lunch, I do tend to surf a bit.  A number of the blogs that I read are reporting this news (hat tip to Powerline and the article here) about the New York Supreme Court decision just handed down.  What they just ruled on was that the New York State Constitution has no inherent right …

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Giving away Free Speech?

What is the connection between Ann Coulter (a conservative not well liked by prickly Liberals everywhere) and with what are known as the Mohammad Cartoons (REALLY not liked by prickly Muslims everywhere)? The Danish newspaper "Jyllands-Posten" created a controversy last year. The Editor felt that a curtain of silence was descending upon Danish society in …

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