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What Cost For Free Speech

Dear Leader has been at odds with the Supreme Court over campaign finance rules.  His reasoning is simple.  The old rules work to the advantage of incumbents, and entrenched bureaucrats.  The new rules make it easier for anyone to compete.  They actually level the field a bit.  But being ‘in power’ and being as corrupt …

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He Doth Protest Too Much

Paul  Hodes is out there talking up a storm about how he’s “not going to be bullied into changing his position” on Health care.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  I never realized he had his own position, but if that’s what he’s calling it fine. But consider this first because it tells …

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Linguists For Hodes

  One of the joys of blogging is the anonymous commenters who drop the bottle of Booth’s Dry Gin long enough to type something lucid. (Lucid is a stretch)   Most of these word-smiths are probably NHDP staffers who can’t find anything better to do while they watch the party lose special election after special election on …

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Thank You Carol?

I would like to applaud Carol Shea-Porters decision to return $14,000 to Charlie Rangel, and her public recommendation that he step down from his position as Chair of Ways and Means.  I’m not sure what took so long–wait, I am sure–it’s politically necessary to do it now.  But, at least she did it.

The Sham Of Pay-Go

Yet another façade has been erected by the liberals and its’ name is Pay-Go.  Pay-Go (or Pay as you go) was the Chimera of a congress past and has been adopted by congress present so that they can continue to screw America’s future.  It works like this.  Spending must be offset.  Emergency spending need not …

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Less Than Useless

Remember how Shaheen didn’t have the sense to use her own parties partisan influence buying combine to turn her rubber-stamp vote for Trotsky care into a complete 12 lane rebuild of I-93 from Salem all the way to Hudson bay?  Well there is subterfuge afoot again in the White House and as usual New Hampshire’s left …

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   Paul Hodes is a dope.  A big dope.  And as proof we have this recent quote from this morning’s Union leader. "The promise of reform – bringing costs down for New Hampshire families, enabling small businesses to create jobs, increasing access to the doctor of your choice, and breaking insurance companies’ ability to discriminate …

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