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Good Kool Aid Or What?

  You have to wonder what the House democrats in Washington are drinking?  They actually believe that passing the Senate bill without actually voting on it is less of a risk to their political futures. And then there’s Obama.  He thinks that his signing the Senate bill without it having had an up or down …

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Ambassadors To The Deficit

The Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (CFRR?) has been appointed by President Obama to deal with the deficit.  And in keeping with his commitment to partisanship it’s members are all pro-stimulus, big spending supporters of Dear Leader.  First up is SEIU President Andy Stern.  I think we all kow Mr. Stern. Next, we have …

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Strong Arm?

Rumor Has it that any democrat who wants Obama to campaign for them come November had best vote for health care.  Joe Biden too. How arrogant can you get?  Does he actually think that’s going to work?  Obama has been the kiss of death to any democrat who runs for office.  And Biden.  You might as …

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