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GrokTALK! The Vote Fraud ‘Cliffs’ of Dover

CNHT Chairman Ed Naile provides an up to date look at the vote fraud situation in Dover, New Hampshire, the recent hearing with the state Ballot Law Commission, and how their thinking they didn’t give him anything gave him everything he needs.    

GrokTALK! with Joe Barton

Joe Barton joins Skip and Mike at the Seacoast Republican Women’s/Rockingham County Republican Brunch to talk first in the nation politics and other local and national issues.  

GrokTALK! with Jeff Chidester

Jeff Chidester, host of New Hampshire Perspective, joins the program for more discussion on First in the Nation Presidential politics. Ted Cruz taking New Hampshire Seriously; Rand Paul working the Establishment side of the aisle; who is running to be president as opposed to VP, or a cabinet gig, and a lot more.

GrokTALK! with Jack Kimball and Jo Horvath

Seacoast Republican Women’s Chair Jo Horvath and Jack Kimball — former NHGOP Chair and current chair of Conservative Business Leaders of NH — join the program to talk about Republican primary politics in the Granite State. Recorded at the Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland, NH – Seacoast Republican Women/Rockingham County Republican Committee Brunch    

GrokTALK! Legislative Round Up

Max walks us through some legislation, including Poker, a bill to control abuses by child and family services, who voted for a 2.25% state sales tax, the Judiciary committee bailing on oversight over the judicial system, a tax on marriage to fund a domestic violence program, and the rhetoric on cutting expansions to the budget, …

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GrokTALK! Interview with Senator Ted Cruz

This is the interview Senator Ted Cruz called “..the most substantive, serious conversation I’ve had in terms of a discussion of the issues,”  and he went on to “complement the degree of depth we got into on constitutional issues.” Here’s the interview.  

GrokTALK! – Wages, Death, Energy, & Fungus

We talk about how Seattle small business owners “feel” about that $15/hr minimum wage the progressives had to have, where not to go in New Hampshire if you want the base to vote for you, then its on to death taxes followed by a few minutes on electricity and energy.  

GrokTALK! at Liberty Forum with Matt Simon

Matt Simon is the New England Political Director and Legislative Analyst at Marijuana Policy Project. Matt joins us to discuss the changing culture, Marijuana legalization, and the status of legalization in New Hampshire.    

Does This Mean Ted Cruz is Running For President?

We live streamed a Ted Cruz event with the Strafford County Republicans this afternoon. The full audio and video will get posted at some point soon but I wanted to share this GrokSHOT!  During the Q & A Senator Cruz was asked if he is running for President, and this was his response.  

GrokTALK! at Liberty Forum with Ian Underwood

It’s always great to have Ian Underwood joins us and this was no exception.  We’ve got the Shaolin Rifleworks, the serenity of self-defense, the lefts lack of limiting principles, Senator David Pierce (again) this time encapsulating the violence of progressive government; then a great discussion about principles vs outcome.