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It has often been said that ones’ environment and geography shapes and affects the personal paradigm. Copeland, a retiree from one of the most highly regulated, anti-second amendment jurisdictions in the nation (New York) is a crystal clear example of that notion…

How Did Your NH House Republican Rank In 2011?

I’ve culled my reps from the list (Hills 19) below. I’ve also generated a list of the Republican bottom feeders for 2011. These are what we would call RINOs, moderate democrats who could never survive the bullying from the left, or might never get elected if they admitted that they have little or no interest in supporting the Republican party platform.

Spoiled Brat Unions Don’t Want Parity – Again.

The measure states–if I understand it correctly–that if the union contract expires and has not been renewed, and no new contract is yet negotiated, those employees become at-will workers who can be treated (wait for it) like everyone else.

Teachers Get Help From Republicans

A bill (HB 375) is being debated in New Hampshire that, if passed, would protect teachers from civil or criminal penalties when they use physical force in the classroom. The bill is designed to protect teachers who feel helpless against aggressive students because they are afraid of being sued by parents.

Roll Call-palooza – Another Democrat Taxpayer Swindle

New Hampshire Democrats, who benefit from taxpayer money laundered through public employee union dues into their campaign, are spending taxpayer dollars in the legislature to make sure they have sound bites and talking points to give to their union buddies to ensure the Aztec gold continues to flow moving forward.

Smoking Weed With Dignity

Chuck Weed is back again to take another shot at the death with dignity bill. This year it is called HB531 and according to this morning’s paper it is about to die without much dignity. I think we can call that smoking Weed. (Sorry medical marijuana advocates, this is not a story about pot.)

Norelli Tries To Feed You The Blue Pill (again)

Democrats latest rallying cry is that we can’t cut the state budget if it means downshifting costs on the towns. They didn’t seem to care too much about that when they were doing it. In fact they tried to do it far more often than they succeeded. But back then it was necessary–you know, to keep on spending…for whatever reason…even though we didn’t have the revenue…….yet.

What’s Good For The Goose..

Tom Fahey quotes our confused friend Harrell Kirstein, Spokesperchild of the New Hampshire democrat party in regard to Bill O’Brien’s choices for leadership positions in the NH House. (I have to call Harrell the Spokesperchild from now on. Spokesperson has the word ‘son’ in it and we know how sensitive Harrell’s spleen is.)

Elephant Innards

Any migration of Republicans away from a vote for “Speaker O’Brien” might say more about Gene Chandler than it does Bill. It might mean that Gene was either insincere in his request for unity–and I am on the record both commending him and taking him at his word for that stance–or it demonstrates his inability to control even those who would have chosen him as their House Speaker.

NH House Dems Travel To Oz

The New Hampshire House democrats have themselves a new web page and I think someone needs to contact the Attorney General; they are guilty of false advertising.