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Bill O’Brien and Historic Change in the NH House of Representatives

Here’s something no one has discussed: For possibly the first time in New Hampshire history, "newcomers" to the state House of Representatives—first and second term reps—will constitute a majority. And not a small one either. A very large one. 7th term state Rep. Bob Rowe has just released a commentary. Here, in part, is what he says: "You have seen the …

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Wrong Way

Mr. Hodges is running for the New Hampshire House again, (Hillsborough 7) because someone needs to warm that seat, and the democrats would rather it be Hodges than someone who won’t vote the way Terri Norelli tells them. But being in the House does not automatically make you qualified to serve again and in the case of Hodges it may actually be a reason not to support him at all.

More on Bill O’Brien….

New Hampshire State Representative and constitutional scholar Dan Itse publicly endorses Bill O’Brien for Speaker of the House:

And then there were four – plus one more

It looks like the race for NH Speaker for the House (pretty much, the most powerful political position in NH, outstripping that of the Governor) has just gotten more interesting.  From the NH GOP, this was incoming:  New Hampshire Republican Party Communications Director Ryan Williams released the following statement today on Terie Norelli’s (D-Portsmouth) announcement …

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The ‘Grok interviews Bill O’Brien – Part 3

This is Part 3 of GraniteGrok’s interview with Bill O’Brien who is running for Speaker of the NH House of Representatives from the "Liberty and Freedom" wing of the NH GOP. Question asked: Are you going to be instituting a radical difference in how Government works?  Power: People or the Political Class?

(D)i Fruscia Takes His Toys And Goes…

With any luck this will be the last time Tony (D)iFruscia leaves the republican party.  Kevin Landrigan reported yesterday that (D)iFrusica, who lost his seat in the primary last Tuesday has officially declared himself an independent.  Mr. (D)iFruscia–and oddly enough Harrel Kirkstein (spokesman for the New Hampshire democrat party) agree that this is another example …

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Tony Duh-Fruscia

Anthony DiFruscia is a democrat from Massachusetts who snuck north and infiltrated the GOP.  (Not an uncommon problem for the Granite State). No one had the stones to call him out on it, and year after year he has managed to keep his seat in a Republican leaning district from which he has meddled in …

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Duh-Fruscia 2.0

Someone was kind enough to send me a sliver of NH House Rep Tony DiFrusica’s (R-INO) voting record–that part that makes his desperate clinging to the Republican party untenable. -Voted for HCR2   Endorsing the National Health Care Act  (Voted to endorse ObamaCare!)   -Voted for same-sex marriage (HB1590 & HB73)   -Voted against parental consent …

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NH House Dems Travel To Oz

The New Hampshire House democrats have themselves a new web page and I think someone needs to contact the Attorney General; they are guilty of false advertising.