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The NRSC Needs To Be Spanked Around Some More

The National RINO Senatorial Committee (NRSC) seems poised to deny the peoples choice in Delaware any of their precious treasure. Too bad some of that treasure comes from regular republicans like the people who selected Christine O’Donnell as their candidate for November.

NH House Dems Travel To Oz

The New Hampshire House democrats have themselves a new web page and I think someone needs to contact the Attorney General; they are guilty of false advertising.

Cost of Government Day

According to the Center for Fiscal Accountability, New Hampshire residents work 226.8 days to pay for the cost of government this year. So go ahead and celebrate. Everything you earn after August 14th is technically yours to keep.
Who would have thought they’d let you keep 138.2 days worth of income from a years worth of work? What a bargain.

Creative Options Wanted

The headline reads (Today’s Union Leader) "Panel Hears Creative Options For Closing Budget Hole." Someone call governor Lynch, the Nashua Telegraph,(Keene Sentinel, etc) and the NHDP–last I heard the democrats and their media friends were claiming we had a "surplus."  Of course the ‘surplus’ was never sold in its proper context–as in, "hey I just …

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New Hampshire Is Number 3!!!!

Number three of what?  How about number three for this.   Top 10 states ranked by local government public welfare employees per 100,000 residents New York                           256 Wisconsin                         249 New Hampshire              241 Ohio                                   228 Minnesota                        208 California                         189 Pennsylvania                  178 North Carolina                174 North Dakota                 164 New Jersey                     146     …

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