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Good answer, though

   Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked:  What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist? The Marine shrugged and replied: "Recoil." ———————————————– Well, it looks like I did want to believe this one.  Since posting that earlier today, I have been advised to use an "Urban Myth" tag on this one.  However, …

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The following is our latest listing of sites we think are good and important: Blogroll Favorites Instapundit FrontPageMag.Com Michelle Malkin Lucianne.com The Corner Weekend Pundit NH Conservative Bloggers Atlantic Ave Bogieblog Citizens for Reasonable&Fair Taxes-Croyden ConChrist (Lori Ingham) Drew Cline COTErack Ed Mosca GilfordGrok Granite State Pundit Moultonboro Speaks NH Commentary NH Election NH Insider …

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Party Pooper

From Treehugger – I have a couple of "environmental" blogs that I read.  Why?  I do believe that we should and can be able to use other technologies utilizing alternative energy sources.  For instance, my former house had "active" solar hot water and space heating to conserve and cut my energy bill.  My current house …

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