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Impeach Obama

Pointing out let wing hypocrisy is easier than hitting water when you fall out of a boat so when we find an opportunity to point out acts based on some kind of consistent principle it seems only appropriate to reward them with public comment.

DADT Meets The Matthew Shepherd/Pentagon Funding/Hate Speech Law

Now that DADT has passed, how long will it be before a homosexual service member caught in a sexual act with another service person who is not their legal “partner” files a lawsuit against the military,–probably prompted by some activist left wing lawyer–based on violations of the Matthew Shepard (Pentagon Funding) hate speech law?

Is Carol Shea-Porter anti-millitary?

Carol Seiu-Porter’s energy policy agenda actually costs the US military billions of dollars more per year in increased fuel and energy costs. Stephen Hayward at the Weekly Standard estimated that every $10/barrel added to the price of oil costs the defense department (and you) one billion dollars more per year.

Largest Deployment of NH National Guard Troops…

This Saturday, September 11, 2010, 700 NH National Guard members, from the 197th Fires Brigade, will begin a deployment to Kuwait in "Operation New Dawn", part of President Obama’s new, reduced scope and size mission in Iraq.   A public ceremony will be held at the Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester.  Doors open at 12pm, ceremony begins …

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