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Nashua Board of Alderman to Vote on Curfew

The Nashua Board of Aldermen is having back-to-back meetings Monday, December 21, and Tuesday, December 22 to discuss and vote on an ordinance “Relative to a ban on certain indoor activities for certain businesses starting at 9:30 PM.”

Where are the Nashua Democrats?

Last Saturday, we attended a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) rally on the Nashua Library Plaza featuring Congresswoman Ann Kuster and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Dan Feltes. Only a couple of dozen people attended.

Nashua City Attorney Tells Aldermen They Can’t Restrict Content of Speech

At last night’s Nashua Board of Aldermen meeting, the aldermen debated an ordinance to put new restrictions on public comment at public meetings. They discussed banning public comment that is “rude or profane.” City Attorney Steve Bolton warned the alderman that such a ban could be ruled unconstitutional.