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Mandatory Masks Exemption

Lanyard - Medical Exemption

Paypal and our Mandatory Mask Medical Exemption placards

This post is for ALL OF YOU THAT HAVEN’T RECEIVED YOUR PLACARDS YET!!!!!! To be honest, we’ve been very surprised how many of you have wanted the above (folded, laminated, and a lanyard attached!).  I’ve tried to get them out the door as fast as they came in…

Lanyard - Medical Exemption

A Story About Using the GraniteGrok Mask Order Medical Exception Placard

I get folks emailing me from time to time with stories about using ‘Grok’s Mask Exemption placard, like this one. “Hi Skip, I went to Walmart, the door employee referred me to masks available inside, didn’t even try to hand me one, so I did not need to show the lanyard.”