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How to make a Boy Scout drool…

Swiss Army knife on steriods (Picture from OhGizmo)   A mere $1,200 for more functions than you’d ever want!  Description after the break (from GeekPress) 

A Real Stink Here in Central NH: “Corpse” Flower Blooms!

-UPDATED—SCROLL DOWN-The Blooming has run its course- . While not the normal type of story for this blog, the blooming of a "corpse" flower is a pretty big deal to those who find such things interesting. After the town I live in (Gilford,NH) refused (due to the expected large crowds) to allow the public viewing (fundraiser) …

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Pinpoint landing, anyone?

 Subject: Helicopter landing – awsome! Now, this be a PILOT!!!  Even tho’ he’s not fixed wing.  Awsome landing in Afghanistan.  I’m sure all of you have seen many choppers make some daring moves, but this one is spectacular!                                            The shot was taken by a trooper in Afghanistan.  The Pilot is Larry Murphy, PA  National Guard.   …

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It just seems to be jets….

First the JetBug, then the Jet Scooter, followed by Jet Taxis, and NOW!    The Jet Pack! There seems to be a trend here…….. (H/T: Engadget)   

A REAL hybrid car

Dear Most Estemed Wife:   Can I have one of these, PLEASE?