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Right To Ignorance

  The passage of the New and Improved New Hampshire Right To Know Law (as yet unsigned by Governor Lynch) redefines "public body" in a way that makes it more difficult for taxpayer to observe the inner workings of their government. An individual executive or administrative officer of a political subdivision shall not constitute a …

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Does Lynch Have A Primary Fight In 2010?

Rumor has it that John Lynch could have a primary challenger named Tim Robertson (D-Keene). Robertson has been kicking around the NH House for years warming a seat over at the Criminal Justice and Public Safety commission where his primary contribution has been making friends in the party and sponsoring bills that are inexpedient to legislate.  Robertson’s …

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Lynch Lied

The NHDP has it’s panties in a bunch about an ad campaign claiming governor Lynch is a liar on the issue of same sex marriage.  This is to be expected from a party that sold spendocrat Jeff Goley as a small government anti-tax champion. The analysis of this question is relatively simple.  John Lynch said he …

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Deficit Deceit

Liberalisms, like “this won’t increase the deficit,” or “this will reduce the deficit,” or “John Lynch will never leave a deficit” are misleading regurgitations whose success as a political tool rely entirely on the electorates inability to ask the follow-up question.  How?    Here’s an example.  John Lynch has 100 apples to use.  The left wing …

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J.U. Hey!

The JUA money grab is back in the news.  A group is blasting Kelly Ayotte and John Lynch for trying to balance the budget with 110 million from a fund created by the state but filled with money from the pockets of doctors who were forced by law to contribute to it.  The thinking goes …

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