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Beware Misleading Jobs Numbers

If New Hampshire only had one person in their workforce, and they had a job, unemployment would be at 0%. Keep that in mind as John Lynch and the democrats short-stroke the September adjusted jobs number around as a sign that they are good for the economy.

Nancy Shea-Pelosi On….Honestly I have No Idea What This Woman Is On

Just because it makes no sense:  The Speaker of the US House explains how unemployment creates jobs.  This is the kind of stupid thinking that Carol Shea-Porter Supports.  And After the ‘Every Dollar of Food Stamps nets $1.78 worth of economy” comment, this has to be one of my favorite dingbat, left-wingisms. Hint: The democrat’s …

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Not Even A Passable Fraud

This is all fine for what it is worth. But what interests me more is that this tweet contradicts his own campaign focus and reveals the fundamental flaws of a liberal democrat like Paul Hodes. These are not the words of any fiscal conservative I know.

Destroying The Future Of America

Democrats continue to insist that they created jobs.  To do this they extracted trillions from our economic future in an effort to create jobs that did not yet exist–that perhaps were  not needed yet.  Looking at similar exercises, cash for clunkers–which moved car sales forward a few months but has since resulted in a collapse …

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The Only Possibility For A Jobless Recovery

To use my sinking ship analogy from last year, for every 1000 folks he’s got bailing out the ship that were not helping before, ten thousand have slowed down or stopped bailing altogether. Paint all the rosy pictures you like, the end result is that the same. Obama’s economic ship is sinking faster.

How Do You Create A Job?

How do you create a job? Easy question, unless you are a liberal democrat like Dick Blumenthal.  Linda McMahon asked this question in her debate last night with Dick whom she is running against for the a Senate Seat from Connecticut.  He didn’t seem to know how. (See Red State for the video). Oddly enough, …

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The Democrat Infection Map -Watch the Jobs Die

  This is a capture of an interactive map showing the unemployment legacy of Barack Obama and the Democrats.  It runs to June of 2010.  You can go here to watch the infection spread.  Then you can go to ballot box on November 2nd to vote out the democrats so the healing can begin.  

Wrong Way

Mr. Hodges is running for the New Hampshire House again, (Hillsborough 7) because someone needs to warm that seat, and the democrats would rather it be Hodges than someone who won’t vote the way Terri Norelli tells them. But being in the House does not automatically make you qualified to serve again and in the case of Hodges it may actually be a reason not to support him at all.


It’s time to put an end to Lynch’s Idea Of Leadership

Is prostituting the fate of your local economy to outsiders your idea of good leadership? The democrats will tell you it provides the state with revenue, but they will never admit that it is actually a broad based energy tax just waiting to be pilfered for more wasteful spending, or that the long term economic impact will decrease growth, cost jobs, and drive business away through artificially and unpredictably higher energy costs.