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Vote For My Girl, Or I’ll Turn Ugly

Just when you thought the skullduggery in the NHGOP couldn’t get any worse, the establishment tipped its hand spectacularly. First the history: When Jack Kimball surprised the establishment and won the chairmanship in 2011, and scored a small victory for conservatism, they couldn’t stop him getting the job, but they could certainly make it impossible …

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Honoring Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone – Part 4

And the list of folks that came to speak continued at the event to honor Ambassador Joseph Patrone and his wife Augusta.  This post has Congressman Frank Guinta (R, NH-CD1), former NH State Rep. Fran Wendelboe and former radio host Jennifer Horn: Congressman Frank Guinta Fran Wendelboe, Jennifer Horn after the jump

GrokTALK! – 9am -11am, Saturday December 11th, 2010

Yes It’s GrokTALK!  120 minutes of Live Streaming local and National News with political insight you could ONLY get from   On this week’s Program… Author Jim Peschke  will be in studio with us to discuss his book The Michael Letters Jennifer Horn may give us her thoughts on some NH-GOP related issues GraniteGrok …

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What The…?

Did anyone happen to notice the names bandied about in this Weeks Granite Status for the job of New Hampshire GOP state chairman? John DiStaso mentions Jim Bender again, who I was told is not as interested as people think (always subject to change depeneding on whom you are speaking to); Jennifer Horn–who is getting nudged by the more conservative/libretarian elements along with Ovide Lamontagne who was an early favorite with the new Republicans; and then there’s Juliana Bergeron and Jim Foley–both of whom are (as far as I can tell) from the Fergus Cullen wing of the party.

Primary Night (scratch that) “Morning After” Update

The initial indications showing Frank Guinta with the lead have continued as the evening has developed but the race tightened with Rich Ashooh closing to withing a small percentage.  In the end Guinta prevailed with Sean Mahoney–who conceded early coming in third place. The Ovide/Kelly race is so close it still has not been called. …

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Getting Desperate?

This is interesting.  After reading comments in various groups the consensus seems to be that it is clearly an issues ad but that it smells distinctly of left wing attack-tics.   Watch it, and compare it to this, and see if you think Mr. Giuda is stretching the facts and does it make him appear desperate? …

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Why Not Bob Giuda?

As one of the leaders of the NHRCV I played a part along with our tireless leader Kevin McHugh when our membership voted to endorse Jennifer Horn late last year.  We here at the Grok have endorsed Jennifer and yes I had a hand in that as well.  And since then a few libertarians–Bob Giuda’s …

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Swett Turns A Phrase

  In a recent email to supporters Katrina Swett puts a new spin on the thousand pound gorilla in the room.  The gorilla is the economy and K-Swett appears to have looked to the east for inspiration.  She also spelled the word “lose” wrong.  Figure out where yourself I have a blog to write.  The …

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