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‘New Hampshire (does not) Need an Income Tax.’

A reader took issue with a recent post featuring a CATO report that ranked New Hampshire number 2 for Personal and Economic Freedom. Maybe the Cato should ask these people for some help with their numbers I am a NH resident. NH has high property taxes along with high vehicle registration and electricity all of these are quality of life bills. 

This is inspiring….

If you liked what the video above had to say, but have doubts about “sales tax vs. flat tax,” you may want to watch THIS VIDEO discussing the two, by Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute. FYI.

Is The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition Just Another Left Wing Front Group?

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition claims to be a non-partisan, non-profit group whose mission is to convince the people of New Hampshire that we need a broad based income tax. Using percentages and formulas with a focus on deception, misdirection, and Alinsky-like class warfare rhetoric, they seek to corral enough support to dismantle a system that for years has made the state of New Hampshire one of the best places to live and work, for quality of life, low overall tax burden, health, safety, low crime rates, job opportunity and freedom.