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Illegal Immigration

Too Little, Too Late?

        The debate over illegal immigration rages on. The President, late to the dance, has finally weighed in on the subject. While getting (rightfully) panned by conservatives for continuing his soft stance towards illegals already in the country, he did hit on several points during his Monday prime-time address that have long needed to be …

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A Warning From Teddy

You can always tell when a certain issue is being considered by a larger than usual number of Americans based on the emails that start showing up in the “inbox.” Once a particular topic becomes worthy of matrix-like distribution throughout computers nationwide, you know it’s “hot.” Such is that of the current so-called “immigration rights” …

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They are demanding citizenship

This is a nation governed by the rule of law peopled by legal immigrants. We have been treated to massive demonstrations from those who have crossed our borders without following our laws. And they are demanding citizenship. “Undocumented” has supplanted the word “illegal”. “Rule of “law” means “do not enforce”. “Secure the borders” translates to …

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