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Illegal Immigration

From Mayberry, RFD to Maywood, CA

In addition to this post, this disturbing story was discussed at in March 2006, but received little national attention.  The original news story in the LA Times is no longer available on that newspaper’s website archive.  Read here about this experiment in lawlessness, miles from America’s second-largest city. Welcome to Maywood CA, Where Roads …

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A Wave of Uneducated , Non-English Speakers.

Today’s USA Today reports Mexicans with little education and limited English skills are leading a wave of newly arrived immigrants who are increasingly fanning out from traditional gateway states, Census data released Tuesday indicate. .The dispersal of new immigrants to parts of the Southeast and Midwest that are unaccustomed to foreign-born populations in large numbers …

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Gee, enforcing the law? What a concept!

This from Julius Preston at the New York Times: CINCINNATI, July 30 — Immigration agents had prepared a nasty surprise for the Garcia Labor Company, a temporary worker contractor, when they moved against it on charges of hiring illegal immigrants. They brought a 40-count federal indictment, part of a new nationwide strategy by immigration officials …

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Changing the vocabulary

The illegal immigration issue became one of my pet peeves quite some time ago.  On Dec. 18, 2003 (a search did not find the article), the local paper, The Citizen (registration may be required)  ran an editorial by Ricardo Pimentel lamenting the treatment of illegal immigrants by the Social Security system. Gee, read your own …

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A Suggestion to the President

The debate over illegal immigration rages on. The President, late to the dance, has finally weighed in on the subject. While getting (rightfully) panned by conservatives for continuing his soft stance towards illegals already in the country, he did hit on several points during his recent prime-time address that have long needed to be said in …

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