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Media Fear Mongers - Garrison

The Seductive Drumbeat of Tyranny

There’s a sneaky new little virus in town, who would get lost amongst the regular Influenza and Rhinoviruses (Rhinovirii?) out there, but thanks to the pied pipers of the Fake News Networks, that little virus is leading a parade with the jackbooted federal government only too happy to fall in behind…

Amash turns Donkey

The Chinks In Justin’s Armor

Justin Amash (RINO, Michigan) was a TEA Party darling when first elected to Congress, with libertarian leanings. He had earned backing by the Koch Network for his support for free trade at any cost, which might not please all his constituents, but that’s not the worst of it…. With a strong anti-israel bias already demonstrated …

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Tina Toon: Socialism – Biting The Useful Idiot That Feeds It

Socialism, whether people “democratically” vote for it or not, eventually devours any nation which falls for its siren song. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is exactly the kind of useful idiot to create and feed the monster, perhaps hoping it will eat her last! Artwork by Tina Garrison, the other half of powerhouse GrrrGraphics, along with Ben. And …

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