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The Sweet Stench Of Left Wing Hypocrisy

The Union Leader wastes no time, exposing Hawkins connection to money she received May 11th from America Votes (out of state left wing donation), which Granite State Progress then used to support the Democrat in the special election she is squawking about, specifically to elect that democrat, in that election.

What Zandra Rice Hawkins Was Really Selling At Her “Fake” Sale

Zandra Rice “The Huckster” Hawkins of Granite State Progress (an out of state funded left wing group) staged a bake sale based on words she put in State Rep Jeanine Notter’s mouth. Hawkins just decided that because Notter had more faith in individual responsibility and local control–and even trying free market competition to lower costs–that this guaranteed that people would suffer; that Notter’s solution meant people would need to have a bake sale to raise money to pay for cancer treatments if New Hampshire tried to opt out of the unconstitutional Health care mandate.