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Where’s the Veto Pen? Abortion Insurance Mandate Going to Governor

Excerpted from Leaven for the Loaf: The New Hampshire House voted today to concur with the Senate’s abortion insurance mandate. Following an administrative procedure known as enrollment, HB 685 will go to Governor Chris Sununu. He has not indicated whether he will sign or veto the measure. The Governor’s office can be reached at (603) 271-2121. …

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Chutes and Ladders

Special Education or Chutes and Ladders?

Governor Chris Sununu is right to be concerned that many special education students are being left behind during remote learning, but will his Emergency Order #48 make a bad situation worse by burying schools in paperwork?

Riverside Racetrack Closed AG

“That’s Big Government For You:” Racetrack Won’t Open After AG Threats

Under threat of the state’s attorney general, the Riverside Speedway in Northumberland will not open to the public this weekend, after having opened for business over Memorial Day. “[U]nfortunately, big government is going to win again,” Riverside Speedway said in a Facebook post. “[A]s a family, we have decided to sit this weekend, May 30, …

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My Body My Choice No Mask Law

Nashua Anti-Mask Mandate Protest: Fewer Masks. More Hugs.

On short notice, about 50 people gathered in the plaza in front of Nashua City Hall to protest the ordinance passed 9-3 by the Nashua Board of Aldermen that requires masks to be worn in all businesses in the city to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Mask Mandate Fines Nashua

Nashua Mask Mandate Passes with Fines up to $1,000

Mask-less shoppers in Nashua could face fines up to $1,000 for violating the city’s new mask mandate. The Board of Alderman voted to implement a new emergency ordinance on Thursday evening requiring all persons to wear a cloth face covering to enter any business, multi-unit residential complex or commercial building. Alderman Jan Schmidt, speaking with …

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now what New Hampshire

Now What New Hampshire?

From pictures and videos I’ve seen online it appears that several hundred people gathered at the State House today to protest the Governor’s economic shutdown. That is their right, guaranteed by both the New Hampshire and United States Constitution, and it appears not a single person was arrested for gathering in violation of the Governor’s …

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Man is not free unless govt is limited - Reagan

Notable Quote – Robert Higg

The most important legacy of the New Deal, however, is a certain system of belief, the now-dominant ideology of the mixed economy, which holds that the government is an immensely useful means for achieving one’s private aspirations and that one’s resort to this reservoir of potentially appropriable benefits is perfectly legitimate. To take – indirectly …

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