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A Real Separation Of Powers

Separation of powers is something of a throw-away phrase for the Socialist-Democrat-Progressives. They hand it out like a comfort object to the public, a sort of well-worn teddy bear for the masses. It is meant to remind you that no matter what they do (or did) that bear will be there to help you feel better.

Some Advice From Across The Pond

Want to better understand the relationship between public and private sector jobs, tax production and consumption, without sitting through a boring three hour lecture?  Here it is an just under six minutes from our friends in England.   Now, go explain it to your progressive friends, the ones who have been supporting all those high-paying …

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Money Not So Well Spent

Dr. Edward Larkin gave a pair of women at the Milford Market Basket More for their Dollar last November when he approached them in the Supermarket parking lot with his “franks and beans” exposed. It turned out to be an unadvertised special, but one that New Hampshire taxpayers continue to pay for. The UNH professor, placed on leave after the incident, is still on the University payroll, collecting $87,375 per year while we wait for the bureaucracy to remember how it is exactly that you fire a State university professor doing nothing on the taxpayer dole.

Happy Thanksgiving eh?

In recognition of finding the Bahama’s, public service union employees all across the fruited plain, get a paid day off. I’m not sure we need to “explore” this any further to get to the nexus of thought on the why’s and what for’s in this decision making process.

Get it Off Me Man!

There is ample evidence that Paul Hodes toes the line, is a Kool Aid drinker, and a reliable party hack.  Each effort to sell himself as having fiscal integrity or ethics is met with an abundance of contradictory evidence.   So to suggest that he is an independent thinker lacks veracity unless you mean independent …

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New Hampshire Is Number 3!!!!

Number three of what?  How about number three for this.   Top 10 states ranked by local government public welfare employees per 100,000 residents New York                           256 Wisconsin                         249 New Hampshire              241 Ohio                                   228 Minnesota                        208 California                         189 Pennsylvania                  178 North Carolina                174 North Dakota                 164 New Jersey                     146     …

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