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Gay Marriage

Where Do We Draw The Line?

All you folks (regardless of your sexual disorientation) who’ve gone and gotten yourselves hitched by a JP or someone else who performs a legitimate civil union just got hosed by one federal judge in Northern California.  According to him, you’re not married.  That’s right, civil unions are not marriages. (That is to say, they are …

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Two Of A Kind

John Lynch has a lot in common with governor Chet Culver of Ohio.  Chet said he would protect marriage as between a man and a woman and then Chet got all squishy.  Then he stood by and let the courts define marriage for him. Want to know some other interesting coincidences?  Chet was receiving money from …

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Massachusetts Goes After DOMA

  The Union leader is reporting this morning that a US judge in Boston has found DOMA, the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, to be unconstitutional on the grounds that it prevents the state from administering federal aid to gay married couples.  His ruling only affects Massachusetts but clearly has broader implications. I both agree …

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John Lynch Goes Gay (Sort Of)

The Ray and Kathy Show has this gag they do all the time, where they complain about outside money, or special interests on the right affecting local elections.  It’s a serious gas because everyone knows it’s actually a projection of their own involvement with deep pocketed outside interests with which they exert pressure upon the local …

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Lynch Lied

The NHDP has it’s panties in a bunch about an ad campaign claiming governor Lynch is a liar on the issue of same sex marriage.  This is to be expected from a party that sold spendocrat Jeff Goley as a small government anti-tax champion. The analysis of this question is relatively simple.  John Lynch said he …

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Gud Lernnin

I live in Merrimack so I got to vote today.   As I approached the polls there was a small knot of young people holding handmade signs.  I’m always excited to see people who look to young to vote being politically active so I was curious about who or what they are supporting. The signs either …

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