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Aerial Footage of Manchester Tea Party

This is some nice video shot from the parking garage to the rear of the main stage of the rally. It was taken just at the start time of 5:30. The crowd kept growing as the event rolled on…     [H/T Now!]

Manchester Tea Party – Audio!

                Lots of posts for the Manchester Tea Party – and why not?  The ‘Grok was at Ground Zero to perhaps the beginning of a seismic shift in political activism here in the Granite State!  Given the amount of activity, there’s lots on which to report. I was able …

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State Rep Dan Itse discusses his States’ Rights proposal with Glenn Beck

State Representative Daniel C. Itse appeared on Glenn Beck’s FNC program this week to discuss  HCR6, a resolution affirming States’ rights based on Jeffersonian principles.     Rep Itse appears this morning on our MTNP radio program. Click here for details, or stay tuned for the podcast.

GraniteGrok stands with Israel

Once again, Israel is under attack from those that would destroy it. Hamas, Hezbullah; outreach of Iran.  The Islamic-based sworn enemies of the Jews. The chutzpah in all this?  Gaza based Hamas, the duly elected leadership of the Palestinians, broke the cease fire and have fired thousands of rockets at innocent Israeli civilians.  Yet, their …

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