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First Amendment

The Bikini Burqa Bloviators

Democrats think that a bikini hula-hoop contest as part of a political fundraiser is insulting and demeaning to women.  This after a private fundraiser being held for the Stephen campaign announced the addition–which the Stephen campaign refused to support, and which resulted in them refusing any money raised whether the bikinis were there or not. …

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“Bork!” Kagen

Republicans need to take the advice of democrats, and “Bork” Elena Kagen.  That’s what they would do. They’d ignore anything even remotely moderate, turn a giant lens on everything else, and burn a hole in her soul.  They would fashion a narrative, go on television, phone, write, blog, call, march, and shout until veins popped …

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Hassan Spreads The Lie Some More

State Senator Maggie Hassan is now spreading the lie about the threat of foreign influence to political speech.  She was quoted in the Union leader this morning saying… “We’re not saying they dosen’t have a right to advocate. We’re just saying we want to know who’s behind the advocacy. If out-of-state or even foreign companies want …

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Did Ray Buckley Lie?

Do Ray Buckley and the New Hampshire Democrat Party Lie?  See for yourself.  Here is an excerpt from an NHDP press release that quotes Mr. Buckley directly. SB1459, which is before the state senate this afternoon, would hold foreign entities accountable for spending money intended to influence the outcome of domestic political campaigns. … "There …

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Thugocrcay 3.0 The DISCLOSE act

Crisis breeds opportunity and opportunity breeds massive legislation filled with liberty destroying details voted for by scores of liberal legislators who’ve sworn to uphold the constitution (with fingers crossed behind their backs).  These same hooligans said they’d defend their respective constituencies, except when it interferes with the agenda of the democrat party or their grasp on …

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Hassanosaurus Rex

Maggie Hassan has taken the bit on the issue of corporate speech and written an amendment to HB1459 that would shove her jackbooted hoof down the throat of any corporation that might want to make a public comment on any matter… “”Advocating in favor or against any New Hampshire statute, legislation that is the subject …

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