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Sugar Daddy

Paul Hodes has a dirty little secret.  His ‘commitment’ to green energy has strings attached that lead directly to the sugar industry and a significant campaign cash “Thank You.”  Back in 2007 and 2008 Congress waged an epic battle over the Farm Bill.  They didn’t call it the farm bill they called it the Food …

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Chicago On The Merrimack

The democrat party line on BP is to close ranks and paint Republicans as protecting big oil.  This is necessary to distract America from Obama’s incompetence and the democrat’s cozy relationship with the British energy company.  Both Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes got the memo—they are on board—using tragedy for personal and political profit as …

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Obama Micro-Historian

Courtesy of Politico via NH Watchdog-apparently Mr. Obama is now blaming people for things that never happened in the past that he never even suggested.  In an interview with Politico, the president said: “I think it’s fair to say, if six months ago, before this spill had happened, I had gone up to Congress and …

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  “Dances with Wolves” meets the “Lion King,” only instead of hyenas coming to rob the available resources away from the soldier who has gone native and his new BFF’s we get GIJOE Rise Of Cobra meets Blackwater—and maybe toss in a few minutes of Altered States for good measure.  That’s my take on Avatar, …

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Your Renewable Future?

PSNH, New Hampshire’s largest supplier of electricitiy, is looking to adjust rates to compensate for lost revenue.  They lost the revenue because of decreased usage.  Usage has decreased because of the economy, but that presents us with a real world truth.  The implications of the liberal environmental movement do not match the facts. Enviro-weenies want you to reduce …

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