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Teacher Guilty of Student Sex Assault- This One Hits Home

As I perused the Saturday newspapers, the headlines shot from the pages. The Citizen: “Area educator guilty of student sex assault” The Laconia Daily Sun: “Former Gilford Middle School teacher admits to sexually assaulting 14-year-old student in 2000” The Concord Monitor: “Ex-educator pleads guilty in sex assault. Gilford High student was 14 at time” The …

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Yes, it is all about the children

Red State has a little something that shows what the NEA is doing to enhance the education of our children: Thanks to Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal, who noted in the Political Diary last Friday the NEA’s Legislative Program for the next (110th) Congress. As we noted a few days ago, according to …

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Here’s the difference

Sure, I can pile on!  From CNN this morning, the Bush Administration announces a new push for school vouchers: Congressional Republicans on Tuesday proposed a $100 million plan to let poor children leave struggling schools and attend private schools at public expense.  Face it, there are schools, mostly in poor areas (or simply poorly managed …

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Economics training in our schools

From The American Spectator:       We Don’t Teach Economics in Our Schools – Friday, June 16, 2006 @ 5:20:51 PM     The School Board in Stoneham, Massachusetts decided to pay for health insurance of school cafeteria workers by raising the price of school lunches from $2.00 to $2.75. The result: In an apparent …

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Need, want, or braggadocio?

UPDATE 2:  That there’s funny One man’s take on the issue. ==========================  UPDATE 1: It was pointed out to me that my dimensions for the football field were off.  Ed Engler at the Laconia Daily Sun has pointed out that "a regulation football field is 360-ft. X 160-ft.. . .a total of 57,600 square feet. …

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I thought teaching meant education

I’d really rather not concentrate on the education establishment, I really don’t.  However, when they keep putting themselves up front and into the news, what else can I do? A lot of talk shows and blog sites talk often about the "dumbing down of America".  We older folks see it in the younger generation.  Heck, …

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The Math Wars

There is a war raging all around us.  It is a global war.  It is a war that the United States cannot afford to lose.  No one has died in this war, and no one is likely to.  But there are casualties.  Their injuries are not physical; they are mental.  And the suffering is life-long.  …

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What Did You Learn Today, Kids?

There is no end to the meaningless pap dished out in the government school systems under the guise of "education." Click here to read the latest installment from over in the Newfound School District.