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Weekend Read Part 1: von Mises

GraniteGrok friend and reader Jorge forwards the following link perfect for some deep, informative weekend reading. Doug and Skip,I think you’ll enjoy this tribute to Ludwig von Misses, on the occasion of his 125th birthday. I particularly enjoyed the narrative of his work and ideas in the context of the social and political history of …

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Can you pick out the dichotomy here?

(H/T: NHInsider) Foster’s Online has this dandy little article (Foster’s is the owner of our local paper, The Citizen): Local Democrats are urging support of working families, renewable energy and affordable health care OK, nothing wrong with that.  After all, who would want to be against these items?  It continues: She also supports an increase …

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Economics 101 – Big Oil Style

The laws of economics are not as certain as the laws of physics, but if we ignore them and substitute liberal political rhetoric instead,  we remain ignorant of the cause-effect relationships that effect our lives.  Supply-demand, the costs of regulation, labor, and capital infrastructure, market uncertainty…all of these go into the price we pay at …

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Living Wage

We’ll be commenting in the future about the "living wage" – especially why it is such a dunderheaded idea from a purely economic standpoint. Be that as it may, what happens when activists and politicians are trying to ram something down the marketplace’s throat, and the marketplace decides to not play, pick up its ball …

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