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Trump Border Security Address

Fixing Trump is More Important to Congress than Fixing the Border Crisis

Congress passed a resolution. It blocks Mr. Trump’s Emergency declaration on the Southern Border. In his veto signing remarks, Mr. Trump observed that “Congress’s vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. It’s against reality. It is a tremendous national emergency. It is a tremendous crisis.”

Nancy Pelosi

Dems Don’t-Wanna Impeach, No More, No More …

It may not mean anything. After all, San Fran Nan doesn’t have control of her raucous caucus. But she says she does not favor impeaching President Trump. Why? Swallow any liquids before you read this. It divides the country.


Trump’s Budget Proposes 2.7 Trillion in Cuts – Largest Budget Cut In US History?

Trumps biggest disappointment over his tenure (from our point of view) was spending. But he appears to be trying to rectify that. I’d question the timing. We’d have had a good deal more success cutting the budget with Republican majorities in both chambers, which is to say, at least a snowball’s chance in hell. With …

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Vietnam Trump Kim North Korea

Remember When Trump Was Going to Start a Nuclear War With North Korea?

Not that long ago, well, long ago in “internet years,” the left and the Never Trumpers were aligned. Mr. Trump’s saber rattling would lead to nuclear war. With North Korea and Kim Jong Un. WWIII. The guy he is happily meeting in Hanoi this week. For the second time. To continue talks. Toward Peace.