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Should Obama’s DOJ Introduce “Project Street Walker?”

Given the success of project gunrunner, its seems obvious now that Obama and the DOJ will need to deploy a similar program based on the repeated remarks of Vice President Joe Biden, now being echoed among the Democrat party leadership. That if we “do not spend billions of dollars by this Friday, we risk increasing the number of women raped.

Harrel Kirstein’s Paycheck.

Harrell is a campaign gypsy. Follows the money. But his home address is still in Jersey. Wonder if he really gives a damn about New Hampshire? Well, he is a Democrat. As long as they are paying him he’ll pretend.

Is BET Founder Ted Leonsis A Racist?

BET TV Founder Ted Leonsis has a gripe with Obama and the left. …[So] Are the class warfare Neo-Progs going to media-waterboard Ted until he swears allegiance to the social justice Jihad? Or will they just cash his next donation check and pretend this never happened?

The Very Partisan Granite State Fair Tax Coalition Part II

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition (GSFTC–Greedy Socialists Frisking TaxPayers Cash) is a partisan non-profit, which for years has insisted it is a non-partisan group advocating an income tax in New Hampshire. But the GSFTC is non-partisan the way MSNBC is. They use the dark side equivalent of the Jedi mind trick. ‘The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.”