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Unhitch The Debt Wagon

We watch with amusement as the legislature attempts again to reconcile it’s bad fiscal manners, elbows on the table, slurping soup, and reaching across each others plates as they huddle over another last minute committee of conference. At the top of the menu is the budget, which is a coarse left over from last year that no one can stomach, or manage to keep down.

One Thought In Passing

Are the people running the unions stupid?  Not the rank and file, but the leadership.  These people are selling salt as flour to the due payers while pushing the cities and states into a corner.  What do I mean?  Look at the pension problem.  In New Jersey Chris Cristie has to fight tooth and nail …

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Shat Bill (SB) 450

SB 450, the omnibus, mix and match, fix and patch, how do we cover all that unnecessary spending democrats had to have, budgetpalooza bill, is up for a vote today.  But it poses an intentional problem for Republicans.  It would repeal the LLC tax, but while adding another boat load of taxes, fees, and if …

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“Chinese Curse”

“May you live in interesting times.” That’s the old curse. And wow, are we doing just that. These aren’t just interesting times, they’re downright fascinating…and verging on grotesque. I follow political and cultural trends. These days odd patterns are emerging…heading off the charts, in fact. For instance, on April 21, 2010 Las Vegas casino zillionaire …

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